2011 Annual Coastside Fundraiser Dinner List of Sponsors and Donations

September 11th, 2011

While the dinner has already taken place, Sat. Sept 24th, please follow this link  http://www.coastsideclub.com/Dinner/2011_dinner.html  to a list of this year’s sponsors and donations for the 2011 Annual Coastside Fundraiser Dinner. Our sponsors came through in a big way which will allow Coastside to be strong in the upcoming legal challenges that are right around the corner. Many years of seeking fair treatment during the MLPA process has led to a lawsuit and we are grateful that our successful fund raiser is keeping us in the game. Again many thanks to everybody that donated, big or small and to all the volunteer staff that made the dinner possible!

Any members having trouble logging in?

September 2nd, 2011

After the software updates done Aug 25th we found that a small but significant number of people had troubles logging in to the forums. The solution for 98% of these folks was to clear their browser cookies. This can be done by going to your browser’s menu and looking for a choice similar to “tools”. There you should find the way to clear your browser cookies and let your browser learn the new website and make a new cookie. For anyone still having trouble logging on after clearing cookies, please contact the help desk at coastsidefishingclub@gmail.com.

Site Maintenance Weds Night 8/24

August 23rd, 2011

We’re nearing the final warning call. The site will be going down Wednesday late evening, for software updates. While the forums will likely have a new look, this procedure is to get our website software up to the current revisions as we are a bit behind. The classifieds are to be updated and hopefully no ads lost. THE REALITY IS when you do long overdue updates, problems can occur. When we updated the frontend, which is the front page and associated pages, a few months ago, a few bugs were uncovered that we quickly fixed. The version of classifieds being updated is old so make a copy of your ads and pictures if need be to re-enter into the updated classifieds. What I’m saying is we trust things will go smoothly but know how surprises can come up.

Make a copy of any pictures etc. that you have on the site but don’t have a personal copy.

Again we’re updating an old version of VBulletin to the latest version so hope for smooth but prepare for lumpy.  Worst case is the site will come back up with some bugs that need fixing. The sad thing is we can’t predict what will happen until we push the upgrade button. Other design changes will follow as we move forward but Wednesday night is a software upgrade only.

Coastsider is victim of the Erik Disaster

July 8th, 2011

It is with sad regret we confirm that one of the passengers on the Erik was a fellow Coastsider from Ceres, CA., Leslie Yee.  Leslie was the first confirmed casualty of this disaster. You can read the families Blog http://www.findourfathers.blogspot.com/ and Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Find-o…303346?sk=info The Facebook page has pictures of the missing showing what we enjoy so much. Touching to go through and our collective club heart goes out to the family.
Rest in Peace Leslie. Fair winds and Following Seas our Friend.


Rest in Peace Leslie

Leslie Yee