Pacific Fishery Management Council

Folks – from time to time we need the help of each and every one of you. This is one of those times.
Marc Gorelnik is seeking a position on the PFMC – he needs your support to make that happen. This is a two-step process – once to be nominated by the State, and then again to be appointed by the Secretary of Commerce. We will ask for your support at both steps.
Right now, we need the State to nominate him. Please send an e-mail of support to the following people to influence the State nominations. E-mail please — hard copy can take weeks/months to go through screening.
Governor Jerry Brown: (use this website to cut and paste message)
Secretary of Natural Resources, John Laird: [email protected]
Director Department of Fish and Wildlife, Chuck Bonham: [email protected]
DFW staff: Joanna Grebel and Laura Ryley: [email protected] and [email protected].
A simple message of support for the nomination and appointment of Marc Gorelnik to the At-Large seat on the PFMC is sufficient – numbers of support messages are more important than detailed rational. Something as simple as “I am a California recreational angler and I support Marc Gorelnik’s nomination for a seat on the Pacific Fishery Management Council. He has the experience, ability and passion for the job.”
The PFMC is the federal regulatory body that establishes the fishing regulations that control our fisheries. If you want a sustainable fishery, then you need Marc to sit on that body to ensure that our regulations are fair and based on real science. Recreational fishermen from north/central California need a voice in the creation of those regulations. The State needs to know that Marc has the support of recreational fishermen, and that he has your ear and can speak on your behalf
If you want to embellish it, you can draw on some of these from his resume:

  • Chairman of the Coastside Fishing Club – an all-volunteer California non-profit organization; with 10,000 members dedicated to enhancing the recreational fishing experience for all Californians.
  • Member of the California Dungeness Crab Task Force
  • Member of the PFMC Salmon Advisory Sub-panel
  • Director on the board of the Golden Gate Salmon Association
  • Member of the Government Affairs Committee of the American Sportfishing Association
  • Director on the board of the California Coastal Conservation Association