Discover Angling kids trip was a great success

Richard posts today that the Discover Angling kids trip was a great success. We had kids from the Sunnyvale Pal group out on the Hulicat for a shallow water rockfish/salmon trip. The kids caught 147 rockfish and 3 lings to about 10#’s. The icing came trolling back to the barn when we caught 3 salmon two of which were silvers that were released. Each kid went home with a bag of fillets and a great big smile. I guess we all went home with big smiles and a feeling of pride and satisfaction.

Tom Mattusch and Jake Carrier (the Hulicat deckhand) were superb and we want to thank them for another great trip. We appreciate their hard work and efforts in making this trip a great success.

We were fortunate to have a group of mentors that were some of the finest that we have had on a trip. The mentors were Mel Kon, Baja Bev Seltzer, Dave Doubledee, William Odum, Bill Doo, and Swiss Joe. We are proud and honored to have had the support from these volunteers.


First Salmon Ever For The 8 Year Old

JFB posts: My nephew/ the captains son got his first shot at catching a salmon this year, i know we had better days and wish we brought him out when there were more fish but today was the day for him to catch his first salmon. Last year we took him out earlier in the season around july out of HMB but nothing happened so we took him rock fishing and he got his first Lingcod. But it was great to hear and see a little kid get so pumped up about catching a fish and no one else gets a hit, talk about bragging rights. Anyways he has plenty of years to come to out do his Dad and Uncle but that’s what it is all about. Here is his pic hope I have more of these for the years to come. (Now this is what its all about!. Thanks John and Zach!)