The Coastside Fishing Club is privileged to have some of the best anglers on the coast. Most of the authors with only a couple exceptions are men that have been running their own boats for over 20 years.

We have an endless talent pool, and our intention is to continue to upgrade this page with knowledge from some of the best anglers on the water today.


Trolling Jigs for Albacore – Bob Franko 3/6/2004
Live Bait Fishing for Albacore – Ken Bertelsen 2/29/2004
Live Bait Albacore, Party Boat Style – Mike Baxter 3/31/2004


Trolling for Salmon with Downriggers – Bob Franko 3/25/2004
Mooching for Salmon – Gilbert “Bluegill” Prevette” 3/24/2004


Marlin and Sailfish – Darrell Ticehurst 3/02/2004


Rockfishing in Central California – Andrew Guiliano 4/13/2004


Bass “On the Rocks” – Craig Hanson 3/24/2004
Striper Trolling in the Delta – Sal DiMercurio 3/22/2004
Striper Fishing on San Mateo County Beaches – Jim Kokesh 5/26/2004


An Introduction To Sturgeon Fishing – By: Gil Prevette aka BLUEGILL 3/10/2004


The San Francisco Bar – Mike Giraudo 3/25/2004
Navigating Pillar Point Harbor – Mike Giraudo 2/4/2009
Piloting in limited Visibility – Mike Giraudo 3/12/2009


Crabbing – John (‘Cuz) Lyons 3/22/2004


Halibut Trolling San Francisco Bay – Terry Lewis 3/12/2004
Halibut 101 – Ted Creed 5/26/2004

Long Range

My Long Range Fishing Memories – Jim Kokesh 5/26/2004
The 5 Day Long Range Experience – Dennis White 5/26/2004